Monday, September 21, 2009

Soap and Paper Factory

Our post begins with a tragic story:

Once upon a time, my mother had an original, gilded bottle of Must de Cartier II. She loved that perfume, and treasured it among her collection of scents.
One day, along came the big, bad, monster of destruction that decided the perfume would make a fine accompaniment to my mother's bedding. He proceeded to play with the pretty bottle, and spill it all over my parent's bed.

It goes without saying that my mother was devastated, and the little one (above, my older nephew, who is currently 17) got a sharp scolding.

Where am I going with all of this? First off, let it be warning not to trust a little boy around expensive bottles of perfume, no matter how adorably harmless said little boy looks. Two, liquid perfumes are very fragile, and therefore definitely not travel friendly. Soap and Paper Factory has the perfect alternative to the liquid scent, in it's ultra portable, all-natural solid perfume collection.

Soap and Paper Factory is a brand with nature in mind. Each solid fragrance is blended with pure jojoba and beeswax, in an adorable mini container a go-go. Rounding out the list of pluses, these fragrances are free of parabens, phthalates, and petrochemicals. You can rest assured that when you dab some on key pulse points, you are actually doing your body good.

Orange Blossom is a crisp, deep floral with citrus notes, Green Tea is a subtle citrus with slight floral hints, and Rosewood is an earthy citrus. These scents are perfect for mixing, creating a plethora of scent combinations. It deserves mentioning that you may have to reapply with these scents, as a lack of preservatives gives them slightly less lasting power than your traditional parfums. Not a big deal in the long run, since these are so portable that stashing them in your bag isn't a problem.

Of the three scents that I have, Rosewood has definitely become my favorite. A little bit citrus, a tiny bit earthy, this scent really revs my engines, and has become a purse staple.

I highly recommend Soap and Paper Factory, as it is the perfect melding of convenience and quality. Perfect for travel, and completely lil'-monster proof, these perfumes go the distance. They are available at Plaza Beauty by Warren Tricomi.

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