Thursday, October 29, 2009

Escape to the Spa, without leaving home

The time is noon as I awake in my gauzy four post bed and stretch decadently, slowly rolling across my silk sheets. I ring a bell and my maid comes in with my morning latte, made just the way I like it. Last night was spent with some of my best gal pals, having the time of my life after a recent trip to the islands on the family yacht. I think to myself that today would be a good day to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars on fancy spa treatments.

:Record Scratch:

Woops, must have been daydreaming again. For a moment there I seem to have been thinking my last name is Rockefeller. Gotta up the dosage, or quit with the daydreaming.

Anywho, I do have a confession to make, that despite my OBSESSION with all things beauty, I don't indulge in regular spa visits. Intimidated by the cost, and vast abundance of spas and services available in NYC, I just don't venture down that path very often (if at all). That being said, I do indulge in spa quality products quite often. Here are a few of my current favorites.

Maris San Francisco

For me, there is no better time to indulge in sumptuous body products than in the shower. The fleurs shower gel smells heavenly, lathers beautifully, and does my skin a heck of a lot of good. I follow up with the decadently creamy Bali vanilla body cream for baby smooth skin. Even if I can't afford the massages, its nice to experience a tiny taste of bliss with the decadently scented products.

Taken from the website:

"Maris believes in using superior ingredients that make a difference. The bath and shower gels are made with skin softening extracts that cleanse without drying out the skin. The body crèmes are blended with both shea butter and botanical orange wax for intensive moisturizing."

Maris San Francisco products are available on online, and make great additions to your bath and body arsenal. 

Portico Spa Mystifier Body Mist in Cucumber Grapefruit

While Maris provides the perfect products to help me wind down, Portico Spa's the Mystifier serves a slightly different purpose. Namely, the scent of the spray invigorates my tired self, while the formulation moisturizes and provides an antioxidant kick. The combination of cucumber and grapefruit is refreshing, invigorating, and a whole lot of yummy.

A scented all-over body mist with an antioxidant kick. Rose Water and Jojoba Extract combine with Organic Olive Leaf to hydrate. An antioxidant blend of Organic White Tea Extract and Vitamin E helps fight free-radical damage all day. Not too shabby.

Portico Spa products are also available online, and I have even spotted them at various hotels. I especially recommend the Cucumber Grapefruit scent, if you are looking for a refreshing scent fix.

What products do you indulge in to both invigorate and unwind?

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