Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes Beauty- Emily Blunt and Leona Lewis Get the No Frizz Treatment

As someone with a chronic, perpetual case of frizz-head, I can only imagine what a nightmare navigating a ver wet red carpet must have been. Fortunately for Leona Lewis and Emily Blunt, they were styled by Laini Reeves, who herself was armed with LIVING PROOF FRIZZ.

How to get the look: For best actress nominee, Emily Blunt – Laini Reeves cut her hair to shoulder length just for the Golden Globes and then created a curl that was blunt and chic, but still a little fun. First, Laini applied the NO FRIZZ, WAVE SHAPING CREAM FOR MEDIUM TO THICK HAIR to Emily’s wet hair to prevent the hair from frizzing. She then added a bit of the new LIVING PROOF FULL to add a bit of body to the wave. She started creating the pin curls by taking half inch pieces of hair and wrapping each piece around her fingers and then pinning them to the top of the head. Reeves recommends alternating the twisting monition both clockwise and counter clockwise to add dimension. She then let the hair dry naturally. After the hair was completely dry she used both a medium curling iron, and small barrel curling iron to accentuate the curl. To add a bit of sophistication to the look, she used a flat iron on each curl, straightening the bottom inch of the hair.

For Leona Lewis, artist behind 'I Want To Come Home' from Avatar who was nominated for best original song. Laini Reeves created a soft romantic down-do inspired by her glamorous purple dress.

How to get the look: Leona has very thick hair, so it actually performs better if it is not freshly washed. Laini used the NO FRIZZ STRAIGHT MAKING SPRAY on her dry hair, to prevent fly-aways and keep it from frizzing in the rain. She then parted the hair in the middle and used a flat-iron to straighten the hair. To create an asymmetrical look, she pulled the hair to one side and then used a three inch curling iron to add a bit of bounce to the ends. 

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