Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MUD is Beautiful- More Make-up Designory Eyeshadows

*We aren't talking about that kind of mud, though he does look like he is having fun.
This is more like it:

*Yep, I went there... again.

OK, so I say this a lot but... I really do love colorful eyeshadow. Having a collection of over 150 different shades, textures, and finishes, it is no small thing for me to say that a new brand (to me) has caught my eye and then captured my makeup-loving heart. Those who are longtime readers know that Make Up For Ever, Illamasqua, Smashbox, and NARS top my list, but the newest contender that has vied its way for supremacy and has come out in the top three is the Make-up Designory (MUD) cosmetics line. For a brand to stand out for this cosmetic junkie, you know it has to be something special.

My first exploration into the land of the MUD left me beyond impressed with both the quality, and color range of the line. A brand founded by the famous school for makeup artistry, MUD's makeup line is everything you would expect from products brought to life by professional artists. Enough chit-chat though, let me take you through the colors.

Spanish Gold: A brashy bronze, Spanish Gold flashes bright as the sun when the light hits it just so.
Pacific: Evoking images of a lush tropical sea, pacific is a gorgeous shade of teal.
Graphite- Exactly as the name implies, graphite is a steely blackened grey with a very subtle sparkle to it. Unlike other black shadows that I have played with, graphite is ultra smooth. The blurred picture shows the sparkle a bit better.

Tea Tree: A lush shade of tropical green, tea tree has the slightest hint of blue in it to really make the color something special.

Firebrick: One of the most stunning deep orange shadows I have ever seen, firebrick has just enough red in it to make the color different from anything else that I own. Kind of reminds me of red mud.
Vineyard: I am always and forever a purple eyeshadow lover.Vineyard is a mauvey purple that reminds me a bit of MAC's cranberry, but with a hint more plum than red.
Swatches, L-R Graphite, Pacific, Spanish Gold, Tea Tree, Fire Brick, Vineyard





I love these shadows so much, that as I sit here writing this, I am bobbing up and down with excitement. In fact, after showing you these swatches, I am thinking: told you so. These shadows are all that and a bag of MUDdy chips and have earned their place at the top of my traincase right next to my other favorites. If you are looking to get in on the MUDdy action, you can find the complete MUD makeup line at the MUD shop.

*Products mentioned in this post were provided by brand PR for post consideration. 


Jennifer said...

Wow. The pigmentation looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Spanish Gold and Pacific would look beautiful paired together...Vineyard it also purdy.

Krasey Beauty said...

Jennifer, pigmentation is excellent

Krasey Beauty said...

Mocha, great idea!

Gianni said...

We tested the products ourselves but we see that the eyeshadows don't last that long when putting in on the skin.
When applying in the morning its mostly gone at noon. Did anyone has this problem? Maybe a tip or trick how to avoid it?

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