Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Skin Woes and the Miracles of Dermalogica and La Prairie

Winter has kicked in full-scale here in NYC, as temperatures in the 20's and teens are unfortunately becoming commonplace. You know you are in a bad way when 40 degree temps sound like a heatwave. Anywho, try as I might to counteract polar bear weather conditions, my skin is still unfortunately starting to act up on me. One week of falling off the bandwagon, and this is what I get...

Shame on me, but I slacked off on my routine for all of a week. What months of diligent skincare wrought was undone, as I found myself with a dry and bumpy situation on my forehead that needed timely intervention. In desperate need of some relief, I turned to what is sure to become a new staple, along with a tried-and-true favorite.

To find out what got me back on track, take the jump!
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

I am quickly learning that especially in the winter months, exfoliation is crucial to optimal skin health. If the bumps on my forehead are any indication, I was long overdue to introduce an exfoliator that was gentle enough to take me through the dry months of winter. I am thrilled that I stumbled upon it, because Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant is fitting the bill nicely. A fine-grained powder made with rice, this micro-exfoliant mixes with water to provide gentle sloughing action that doesn't irritate, dry out, or tighten my skin. I have been using this twice a week to ensure my skin is as smooth as it can be. Oh, and the bonus of getting rid of the dead skin cells is that it leaves my pores open and my face more receptive to moisturizer, too.

La Prairie Luxe Face Cream

Beauty blogging has led me round and round the proverbial block when it comes to moisturizers, but it is La Prairie's signature Skin Caviar Luxe face cream that I keep on returning to. The texture is light and decadent, immediately absorbing into my oh-so-thirsty skin; while the scent of the cream is distinctly rich, with a pleasant hint of the sea that I have never come across before. This power cream touts caviar extracts and Alpha Hydroxy acid, a combination that has quickly gotten my face back to what it should be. My skin feels soft, the bumps are all but diminished, my skin left with a delicious glow.

If my skin's appearance is any indication, it is definitely loving the mix of these two products. What is your skin currently loving?

*Products mentioned in this post were provided as samples by brand PR for consideration.


Skinnypurse said...

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is seriously my #1 skin care must have. I love it! It gives the perfect amount of exfoliation - not too harsh at all. Plus, that one bottle lasts for a long time, so it's totally worth the splurge. Your skin will thank you!

Krasey Beauty said...

Skinnypurse, its definitely a great product. I agree 100%. :)

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