Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beauty Obsession- Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

We already know that I am given to flights of fancy when it comes to brands and products, oftentimes frittering and fussing between a million different things of the cosmetic variety. Conversely, we also know that I am prone to bouts of fanatical obsession with products, clutching them to my bosom while darting my eyes from side to side for fear of someone stealing said product from me. It's a tough life, I know.

My latest obsession is flawless skin and subtle shimmer by way of skin highlighters. With sunshine being a more common thing around these parts, I have searched far and wide for the perfect highlighting product to compliment the season and give me that shining, luminescent, faux sun-kissed shimmer. Cue our resident makeup superhero, Bobbi Brown to give me what I crave in the form of the mini Shimmer Brick in Sandstone..

Despite the fact that I am a late passenger on the Bobbi Brown love train, Shimmer Bricks have had a longstanding cult following with their ability to make anyone look more radiant and feel more beautiful. Shimmer Bricks are face color/highlighters that are designed to impart subtle shimmer and sheen with five shades of gradated color themed to the tune of the palette. The Sandstone mini shimmer brick has recently come into my possession as if in a dream, though it was released with the holiday collection last year.

Going from pale gold to deep bronze, these five shades can be worn individually on eyes and cheeks, or swirled together to create a luminous gilded glow. The finish is wonderfully soft and creamy for such glittering powders, and does not overdo it on the sparkle as some highlighters are wont to do.

Swatched: Individually on top, then together on bottom

Swirled Together, capturing so much light and beauty

In Use, the powder gave my look such depth, dimension, and shimmer. I got tons of compliments on my skin that day.

For this gal looking to rival the sun by adding a bit of much needed brightness to my face, Bobbi Brown's Sandstone Mini Shimmer Brick has become a beauty obsession. While Sandstone may not be available any more, the other shimmer bricks promise to be just as fabulous.

*Product provided for consideration


krista carlson said...

This really does look very lovely!! I have seen these on Qvc too and they always sell out!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Krista, you must try one if you are a fan of highlighter shades. This one is gorgeous!

Amina said...

I forgot to say I am a huuge fan of the shimmerbricks

Amina said...

omg.. You look amaazing!!

Krasey Beauty said...

Amina, thank you so much! Thrilled that you are a fan too. :)

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