Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Are You Shaveworthy? EOS Wants to Know

Ladies and gents, let's talk about smooth. More specifically, how you all need to experience the Evolution Of Smooth (E.O.S)

In honor of you, and for the greater good of womankind, EOS is on a mission to spread some of that skin-smoothing love here, there, and everywhere. Shave Cream is one of many products that goes out to the ladies who are looking for smooth, sexy, moisturized skin, and EOS wants to let you in on the fuun. As of last Thursday, you can log on to ShaveWorthy.com for a free sample of the line's awesome shaving cream.

The fun doesn't end at the free sample, however. EOS has also launched a fun little game in which you 'Spin the Bottle' to find out which of your facebook friends are worthy of sharing the smooth with. Trust me when I say, the game is absolutely addictive. I highly suggest you partake in the fun.

Visit Shaveworthy.com today, and get in on the fun. Smooth skin and fun times await!

*Samples of the product were provided for consideration

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