Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Illamasqua for Summer- The Body Electrics Collection

Let’s see what our amazing friends over the Atlantic had up their sleeves for summer, shall we? The Illamasqua summer range has been out in the UK (and elsewhere) for quite some time, but has just recently launched at Sephora. I have previously introduced you to the lineup, but let’s take another look at some new favorites.

This bronzer/highlighting duo in Glint and Burnish was actually an addition to the line that came out with last year’s Sirens collection. Nevertheless, it is an amazing year-round staple that bronzes, sculpts, and highlights the plans of my visage to perfection. The perfect-for-my-complexion powder shades are soft, smooth, and blend like butter.

We can’t have talk of summer without discussion of Illamasqua’s sexy new luminizer, Gleam Cream. An opalescent, almost gel-like cream with an abundance of multi-tonal sheen, this stuff is the ultimate makeup workhorse. It multitasks like nobodies business, adding a customizable kind of glow to whatever spot it touches.

  • Mixed with foundation, Gleam Cream sheers and sheens things up
  • Both under and over my makeup, when used on the high plans of my face the end result is a high point that pops
  • On the décolleté to give the area an extra bit of sparkle, G.C is tres magnifique.
  • Mixed with a loose color in the same family such as Mehron’s Opal pigment, the multi-chromatic effect is brought to amazing new heights.


Swatched and blended:

The Illamasqua summer range raises the proverbial roof. Don’t take my word for it though, see it for yourself by visiting Sephora (or a counter if you are lucky enough to have one!) today.

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Laurence said...

I adore Illamasqua, they're just incredible!
Have you tried the liquid metal palette?
Incredibly versatile and so convenient to have all four in one place!

Krasey Beauty said...

Laurence, they are beyond incredible. Haven't tried the liquid metal palette yet, but I have them all individually ;)

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