Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Spa Comes Home- Ahava Radiant Spa Kit

If beauty from the Earth is good, then beauty from the Sea is truly exceptional. Ahava is an Israel-born beauty brand that channels all of the healing properties of the dead sea into an amazing array of bath, body, and skincare products. I was a devotee even before my beauty blogging days, smitten after a family friend brought me back a tube of lotion after his trip to Israel.

Housed in a collectable seafoam green photoframe box, the Radiant Spa Gift Set includes all of the products needed for a sublime at-home spa experience.The Pure Spa Dead Sea Liquid Salt is the first step towards skin perfection, a microfine exfoliator that works to gently slough off dead, rough, scaly skin. Used with the rough washcloth that is included in the kit, the exfoliating power doubles.

Mission exfoliation accomplished, it is then time for the lush Mandarin Cedarwood Energizing Body Mud Mask, which works to pull pore-clogging toxins out of the skin, all while restoring the skin’s moisture and pH balance. The mud is of a medium thickness, and feels both gentle and soothing on my weather-weary skin. After schmearing myself liberally, I wait about three minutes before rinsing it all away.

Post rinse and out of the shower, my at-home spa experience is just as divine, thanks to the Mandarin Cedarwood Pure Spa Body Sorbet Caress. I like to stick the tube under warm running water for a minute or so before spreading the magical lotion all over my epidermis. The scent is subtle and soothing, working to calm my frazzled nerves even as it proceeds to make my skin feel absolutely luxurious.

On those special days when I have more than a few moments to myself, I love to indulge in this very special Pure Spa regimen from Ahava. Without fail, I am left feeling more tranquil, smoother, and looking more radiant. The Radiant Spa was a limited edition gift set that has already sold out, but can thankfully still be purchased as separates. I highly recommend you partake, especially if you are in desperate need of better skin, an inexpensive way to spa at home, or both.

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