Monday, June 28, 2010

K-O Knockout Nail Polish

Rare are the occasions that I come across products that so effectively meld industrial grunge with sleek, feminine beauty as nail polish newcomer KO Knockout does. A nail polish brand that is quickly making its name into the lacquer vernacular, KO boasts twelve shades of flatte, matte polish in your not so typical flat, matte shades.

When it comes to matte nail polishes, there are really only two camps that you can fall into- you either love them, or you loathe them. I happen to fall in the love them category. I love the atypical finish, I love the fast dry time, and I love the statement a nail color with no shine makes. A matte nail to me wears like a form-fitting little leather jacket, sexy with just a hint of danger.

Lovers of the matte nail craving more will find everything they ever wanted in KO. Loathers, don’t dismiss me just yet, because you might love matte nails too by the end of this post. Whether you haven’t found a flat shade you like just yet, or are discouraged by the short wear time on your typical mattes, KO solves those problems, all while coming in a pretty little package.

As striking as the polishes are, the packaging is equally engaging. Housed in a seashell- shaped, frosted glass bottle, these polishes beg to be proudly displayed on even the most discerning armoire.

Let’s discuss my recent purchases, shall we?

Concrete- Grey and greige shades are still hotter than hot this season, and with Concrete we are finally seeing the matte edition. This light, grungy grey is named for the equally gritty shade of pavement that we pound daily.

Calamine- I am on a huge pastel kick right now, so imagine my elation upon discovering a matte shade of demure pastel pink. It’s frilly and cute in hue, but tough as nails in finish. Love the dichotomy.

Liberty- This polish is another unexpected shade in the bunch, one the likes of which the matte world has never seen. A mid-toned green with just a hint of blue, this shade hints to the pastel.

Karen- Karen is a shade named after the founder’s mother, and is a brilliant true red that is as feisty as it is iconic. Something about these types of shades screams pin-up to me.

Ox- Ox is, without a doubt my favorite shade of the bunch. It is a rich, warm toned purple with the perfect amount of burgundy in it to give the shade that extra something special.

Flatte Top Coat- You can’t have peanut butter without jelly, and similarly you can’t have KO polishes without the amazing flatte top coat. When used as both base and top coat to the KO polish manicure, the application goes the distance.

KO are slightly thicker than your usual polish, yet glide on smooth, and with two coats yield flatte, matte perfection. When paired with their special flatte top coat, I found wear to extend well into six days.

Matte lovers, I told you these polishes were something to get excited about. Loathers, have I swayed you yet? Who else is on board with KO Knockout polishes?

*I purchased these polishes


Lisamarie and Christelle said...

I love matte nail polish - the only way to really make a pastel colour look a little edgy!

Best, Lisamarie

Lillian Funny Face said...

The packaging is so beautiful, i love Liberty it's such a beautiful shade! I'm not sure where i lie on matte nails, i like the idea of them but i don't think they look good on me and i long for a shiney top coat :P

Krasey Beauty said...

Lisamarie, glad you are one board. Completely agree with you!

Krasey Beauty said...

Lillian, you can always add that shiny top coat if you get board with the matte look. Of course, I understand that we can't all be fans ;)

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