Monday, April 6, 2009

Urban Decay Friends and Family Sale

Hurry folks, now is the time to stock up on all your Urban Decay favorites and staples. From now till the 17th, get 30% off everything on the Urban Decay Website.

Check out the following posts to help you decide what to indulge in:

Deluxe Shadows
Cream Shadows
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin


ASourSkittle said...

wow i think you deserve the title of the biggest enabler in the world...i just made an order of cream shadows and 24/7 liners.

which is also synonymous with the title of The Single Force That Got the Economy Back on Tts Tracks!

Krasey Beauty said...

Anna, I am actually enabling myself. I am right behind you and am about to order 24/7 liners and cream shadows along with some extras ;)

ASourSkittle said...

hahha you are the power that makes the world go round and round...

what cream shadows did you order? i only picked up the black one, but it was just the first go-around and i only got the essentials. i'll probably go back for more ;-)

Krasey Beauty said...

Anna, I ended up with whipped, radium, mushroom, delinquent and grass.

Thats not all, but i will post my haul when it arrives ;)

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