Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15 Minutes of Fame, and Beyond with Lipstick Queen Pop Art Gloss

"In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."
- Andy Warhol
Lipstick Queen Fifteen Minutes of Fame Pop Art Gloss

When it comes to celebrities, fads, and even fashion trends, I agree with Andy that most things experience 15 minutes of fame, only to quickly burn out and never be seen or heard from again. Fads, people, even products breeze in and out of our lives, rarely leaving any sort of impression. Not so with this amazing new lipgloss from Lipstick Queen, inspired by hyper color and; the Pop Art movement.

I have waxed poetic about how amazing Lipstick Queen is here and here. A newcomer to the happy family, Pop Art Gloss pays homage to Warhol the Pop Art era with 15 amazing shades, each one named according to a minute. Fifteen minutes, get it? Seen here and in swatches is Three Minutes, a warm apricot/pink.

This gloss is deliciously creamy, with a jelly-like finish. There is nary a glitter or sparkle in sight, and I like it like that. They come in a click pen for convenience, aren't sticky, and have all the amazing lasting power that I have come to expect from the Lipstick Queen. All in all, this gloss scores a huge WIN.



Yep, this gloss is officially love-worthy. If you are looking for a gloss that looks and feels amazing, this is it. This gloss transcends that whole 15 minute thing, promise.


madame b fatale said...

ooh I love it, I do love her products though!

Krasey Beauty said...

Madame B, I adore Poppy's products as well. This gloss is stunning!

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